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Tips for Beginner Cavers

There are a number of things you need before you go caving, but most are fairly easy to come by.

Two things you DON'T need to buy are a helmet and a lamp, as FUSSI have many of both, and we lend them to members on FUSSI trips (about $5 per day to hire).

However, you will need a spare light (usually a small torch or a couple of candles) and some high-energy emergency food (chocolate or muesli bars are good).

You also need a pair of overalls (the full-arm ones, not bib-and-brace) and shoes or boots with grip. Remember, though, that anything you wear down a cave will come out covered in dirt and mud, so don't wear your $395 Armani shirt.

There are a number of other things, which I will add to this page soon. If you have any other questions, start by talking to one of our committee members.

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