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A series of images from past FUSS activities.

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Abseiling, Flinders Ranges, 2017 Clare abseiling into Mairs cave. Flinders Ranges, 2017. Typical Stream Passage, Croesus, 2011 Typical stream passage, Croesus cave. Tasmania, 2011. Old Homestead Cave, 2011 Old Homestead cave, north entrance. Nullarbor, 2011. Abrakurrie Entrance, 2004 Abracurrie entrance. Nullarbor, 2004. Note cars on left horizon. Abrakurrie Inside, 2004 Abracurrie main chamber. Nullarbor, 2004. Note flood water mark on wall. Pleasure Dome, 2004 In the Pleasure Dome, Kubla Khan. Mole Creek, 2004. It was dry.
Unusual reflections, Marakoopa, 2014 Ceiling reflection in floor pools. Marakoopa cave, Tas, 2014. Buchan Formal DInner The culprits after formal dinner. Buchan, 2008. Note ties. Salt Crystals in Mullamulang Salt Crystals. Mullamullang, 2011. Aragonite Crystals in Gengis Khan Aragonite crystals in Gengis Khan cave. Tasmania, 2011. After Exiting the 110m pitch, Mini Martin, 2004 After exiting Mini Martin. Ida Bay, 2004. We were pleased. Note gear.
Christmas Tree Christmas tree coral flowers. Flinders, 2005. Formation is Helictite Hole Formation in Helictite Hole. Yarrangobilly, 2006. Punyelroo Bore Casing Feng with borecasing. Punyelroo, 2009. Wall Scratchings Paleontologist excited by cheap watch. Flinders, 2009. Aragonite Crystals with Finger, Kubla Khan Rare index finger formation. Kubla Khan, 2011.
A short squeeze in OHC Negotiating the rift in Old Homestead cave. Nullarbor, 2011. Purple Goringe Formation Old and new formations. Nullarbor, 2011. Abseiling a Sea Cliff, Robe Hanging out with Sil from the VSA. Robe sea cave, 2012. Fame and fortune awaits:
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Fame and fortune awaits:
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