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Sep 2020 - Special Edition: Women Cavers Of Australia
A Message from the Editor
Janice March, Caving Journey
Lyndsey Gray, Caving Journey
Cath Hemley, Caving Journey
Janine McKinnon: This Caving Life
Clare Buswell: A Gathering of Women at the Town Well
Kim Van Dyke: Exploration Journey
Tribute to Agnes Milowka
Caving, Cookies and Canoeing
Dee Trewartha, Caving Journey
Edwina Virgo, Caving Journey
Dorothy Robinson, Caving Journey
Women Caving and Opportunity
Nina Birss: The Journey to the Scurion
Pamela Howard, Caving Journey
Lauren Hayes, Caving Journey
Anna Jackson: Shinning Beginnings
Barb Lobban, Caving Journey
Ciara Smart: What Caving is to Me
Megan Pryke, Caving Journey
Cathie Plowman, Caving Journey
Lauren Hansen: What I love About Caving
Jenny Whitby, Caving Journey
Stephanie Blake: First Time I went Caving
Jessica Bertels: Friends Forever
Amy Robertson: Caving as a Parent, Family Caving
Ann-Marie Meredith, Caving Journey
Deb Hunter, Caving Journey
Clare Buswell: Passion
Jun 2020
AGM 2020, Minutes and Reports
The FUSSI Bunch
FUSSI General Meeting and New Website
Safety Stop - A New Column for all your Safety Needs
Punyelroo Cave and Gloop Cave, Murray Plains
Tassie 2020. Pre-COVID Shenanigans
Victoria – An Overlooked Caving Destination
Australian Cave Crickets: A Short Film
Caving Community – Online Pages
Editor's Choice: Lock Down Caving - Podcasts - Books- Webinars – Videos


Apr 2020
ACRC National Workshop
Vertical Rescue Simulation and Practice, Flinders Ranges
Safety Hats and Rescues
Growling Swallet, SAREX Tasmania
Other News
Oct 2019
A Cave Diver’s Guide to Fossil Discoveries
A Flinders Trip in July
Reflections on Teaching Rigging to Beginners
Feedback on the Rigging Weekend
The Physics of Rigging
How to Tie Up Your Cave
Speleo in the Pub
Future Trips Programme
Jun 2019
AGM 2019, Minutes and Reports
The Darkness Beneath - ASF 31st Biennial Conference
Blackfellows Cave Caves
Be The Best Dressed
How To Make Rope Washers That Work & At A Reasonable Cost
Corra Lynn p. 23 Naracoorte
Take Me to the River!
Running A Club Trip
News & Tidbits
Future Trips Programme
Mar 2019
Nature is Weird – Croesus
Reflecting on the Colour Yellow - Lynds Cave
A Glow in the Dark Experience: Maracoopa 1&2 Caving with Spiderman - My Cave and Sassafras Tailender
Devil’s Pot
Execution Pot
Mud Vs Gumboots - My Cave
Crawling and Sliding - Mersey Hill
Waiting for the Lightshow - Mystery Ck.
Into the Abyss
Exit-Mini Martin Through Trip
A Little Something from the Florentine
Future Trips programme
News & Tidbits


Dec 2018
All Trip Leaders Deserve Chocolate.
Searching for a Lost Cause: Search and Rescue Practice at Corra Lynn Cave Future Trips Programme
Sep 2018
Welcome to the Team
A Delightfully Shitty weekend in the Flinders
A Long Overdue Visit to A5
Corra Lynn: Serious Sticks and Puzzling Passages
The Blackberry Empire Bites Back
FUSSI programme
The Back Page
Jul 2018
A message from your Editor
Past Trips
31st ASF Conference Notice
Which Bag is the Best to take Caving?
God was a Madonna, Discuss
Incorporated Association rules
Kangaroos Do Swin, You know
News & Tidbits
Future Trips programme
Apr 2018
A message from your Editor
Past Trips
Wandering in Dreamland
Review of Alternate Ceduna Accommodation
The Case of the Exploding Torch
Glimpses of Car Crash Quarry
SRT Training Workshop
New & Titbits
World’s Largest Ice Cave
Future Trips programme
Sep 2017
A message from your Editor
Past Trips
Southern Flinders Ranges trip
‘Nesty’ unwrapped
Rescue training at Mairs Cave
An adventure at Corra Lynn
News & Titbits
Future Trips programme
Jul 2017
A message from your Editor
Past Trips
To Pornotto P
Wet Caves Again
How to Seal Tents
Knotty Incident
President’s Report 2016
Safety Officer’s Report 2016
ASF Representive’s Report 2016
Librarian’s Report 2016
Treasurer’s Report 2016
Newsletter Editor’s Report 2016
Minutes of the FUSSI Annual General meeting
New & Titbits
Future Trips programme
Apr 2017
Naracoorte in March
Carry your Own Bag!
Future Trips Programme


Dec 2016
A message from your Editor
Past Trips
Vale Ken Grimes
A Weekend in Naracoorte
Pics of the 2nd 2017 Bunnings BBQ Fund-Raiser
Naracoorte Caves Trip
EOY Breakup & Tee-shirt Printing
Minutes of October General meeting
Maybe, Perhaps, Just Possibly Caving
Pinging Naracoorte Caves
New & Titbits
FUSSI Membership form 2016
Future Trips programme
Southern Flinders Ranges trips – what to expect!
Oct 2016
Busy Times
Committee Reports 2015
2016 Annual General Meeting Minutes Easter in the Northern Flinders Ranges, Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser
Corra Lynn in May
James Bond Goes Caving
New & Titbits
FUSSI Membership form 2016
Future Trips programme
Mar 2016
A message from your Editor
Past trips
Lower South East Caves
Mt Gambier Trip Report
Returning To Yarrangobilly
A Chance Meeting
Rapid Bay Caves Trip Report
New & Titbits
FUSSI Membership form 2016
Future Trips programme


Dec 2015
A message from your Editor
Past trips
Vale Cameron Roy
Caves Park Cave trip report
3D LIDAR Cave Mapping trip
Exmouth ASF Underground report
Murra El-Elevyn Bat Guano report
Corra-Lynn cave trip report
Caving on the South Island trip
How Do We Deal With Snakes
Karabiner Recall Notice
New & Titbits
FUSSI Membership form 2016
Future Trips programme
Sep 2015
Message from the Editor
Caving with the Canberra Mob
Corra-Lynn trip report
Naracoorte Caves trip report
Rapid Bay kayak trip
Rapid Bay day trip
Rapid Bay day trip
Future Trips programme
May 2015
Why Messing About With Boats Sometimes Beats Caving
A Day Beside the Seaside
Meeting Eyre Over Easter
Office Bearer Reports
Blackberries, Caves and Yarrangobilly Wet and Wild
What’s On
Mar 2015
Lower Flinders? Come And Play With Ropes.
The Naracoorte Caves - World Heritage, Protection of Fossil Values and Caves.
The Enchantment Of The Fly–In, Fly-Out Trip
What John Edward Eyre Didn’t Know.
What is On
Jan 2015
The 1970s Paleo Kings
Meetings And Other Carryings On
FUSSI and the ASF
Caving in the 1990s
Dress Sense in Tasmanian Caves
The Caver’s Shield Test. First Innings
Stilettos and other Rubbish
The One That Got Away
The Long Slow Crawl of Survival: the Third Decade & VSU Random Acts of Caving
Culture Shock
The Revenge of the Car
Certain Bottles of Wine
The Un-Authorized Biography of Mavis
Celebrating 40 years
The Future?


Aug 2014
So, Where are the Keys?
Corra Lynn and Designer Fashions
Who was Leo Hoad?
Wooltana, Narrina and Other Things
A Sandy Fox
Future Trips
May 2014
Cooleman Plains, Yarrangobilly and Other Carryings On
Meandering Around the Nullarbor
Executive’s Annual Reports for 2013
Don’t Forget the Eggs!
What Is On
Feb 2014
Bats in the Flinders
Yarrangobilly in the 1890s
A Caver Finds Tru Luv: Rockpiles
What Is On


Dec 2013
Blocking the Gate Bypass in Clara St Dora Cave
Caving For The First Time, (Tours Don’t Count)
A Bandicoot Leads to Skeleton Crevasse
Sunsets, Air-Conditioning, Elevators And Hell
Future Trips
Oct 2013
How safe is your SRT Rig?
Notes and News
FUSSI Executive Meeting Minutes
Gear list and Costings for December Tasmania Trip
Future Trips
Jul 2013
The Aprentice Caver
In the News
The Re Stuff is Back
FUSSI Executive Meeting Minutes
Future Trips
Mar 2013
Wet and Wild in the Lower South East
Officer Bearer’s Reports
FUSSI Annual General Meeting Minutes
Fox Cave Revisited
Future Trips


Nov 2012
This Nullarbor Life
New Beginnings at Naracoorte
A Day at Corra-Lynn
Future Trips
Aug 2012
Looking for Connections
Bats Do Count
Why Do Bentwings go Missing?
Knocking off the Rust or an Excuse to Use a Rope Future Trips
In the Flinders, Just for a Change
Mar 2012
Flying Down to Mole Creek
Officer Bearer’s Reports
Wet, Wild and Maybe Warm
Corra-Lynn: To Woodside And Back
Gear Review
Future Trips


Dec 2011
Nullarbor Dust and Fire
Bahamas Underground, A Divers Forum
Werner Herzog Goes Caving
Future Trips
Oct 2011
A Day or Two in the Country
Just the Three of Us and a Plank?
Bats Ridge
Accident in Mini Martin/ Exit Cave system
Future Trips
Jun 2011
Product Review. Led Lenser Head Torch
Rebirthing at Corra Lynn
FUSSI Tasmanian Bakery Trip
Mt Remarkable Blowhole
Future Trips
Apr 2011
Bat Phones in their Natural Habitat.
On the Latte Trail in the South East
Officer Bearer’s Reports
Future Trips


Dec 2010
Cars, Getting Wet and the Return of Mavis
Bats in the Flinders
ASF CROP Training at Corra Lynn
Stretchers for Caver Rescue
Future Trips
Jun 2010
Search and Rescue at Corra Lynn
News from the Timor Caves court case
News from around the place
Future Trips
Apr 2010
Secretary’s Report
Safety Officer’s Report
Equipment Officers Report
Librarian’s Report
Minutes from AGM
News from the FUSSI Library
FUSSI 2009 Membership List
Future Trips


Dec 2009
Bats Are Back
Looking for a Good Friday
Caving in Corra Lynn
Bits and Pieces
FUSSI 2009 Membership List and Future Trips
Jun 2009
FUSSI Executive Reports
Caving Trip to Punyelroo and Gloop
News from around the Place
FUSSI 2009 Membership List and Future Trips
Mar 2009
The Return of the Underground
In and around the Vercoors08 conference France
News from the ASF Council Meeting
FUSSI 2008 Membership List and Future Trips


Dec 2008
Cavers Wanderings around Europe
News from the ASF Annual Report
FUSSI 2007 Membership List and Future Trips
Jul 2008
Into The Fire Of Mt Eccles
Doing Something Different
Cuttings From The Press
FUSSI 2008 Membership List and Future Trips
Apr 2008
Caving around Buchan
President’s Report 2007
Secretary’s Report 2007
Safety Officer’s Report 2007
Equipment Officer’s Report 2007


Dec 2007
Noisy Bats in the Flinders
How to make rope washers that work at a reasonable cost
Fairy Cave and Wind Cave, Sarawak, Borneo
FUSSI 2007 Membership List and Future Trips
Aug 2007
ASF Survey
Minutes of AGM
3D/2N at Wilkawillina Gorge, Flinders Ranges
Skull Rock, Flinders Ranges
Lost and Found at Mole Creek. Tasi.
FUSSI 2007 Membership List and Future Trips
May 2007
Millicent Caving
Secretary’s Report
Treasurer’s Report
Equipment Officer’s Report
President’s Report
Safety Officer’s Report
Library Report
A Few Notes on Basic Caving Gear
How to Make a Harness at Half the Cost
Membership List
What is On


Dec 2006
Surface Trogging in the Junee-Florentine
Fun and Mud in the Flinders
Yarrangobilly in the Dry and Smoke
Yarrangobilly Cave Hunt Number Two or Three
Beginning at Naracoorte
Membership List
What is On
Mar 2006


Oct 2005
Caving by Guides in Cave Land
Slumming it at Naracoorte
Gear List Yarangobilly and Bungonia
Membership List
What is On
Jul 2005
FUSSI and the Brave New World
What is On
Caving in the Flinders
Obituary. Stuart Nicholas
Natural Bridge Caverns. Texas
Feb 2005
Not a Leech in Sight
Economics 101A
What is On
Membership List